Pack with ZIP-LOCK 40x60

In stock
Dimensions, mm length * width: 40 * 60
Number of pieces / package: 100
12.88 грн

0.13 грн for 1 item / 12.88 грн for 100 items.

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Pack with  ZIP-LOCK 40x60 spare parts lock - convenient and practical packaging. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and does not pose a danger to the body, so it can be used for food. Today, a small package with the possibility of airtight packaging is used for small parts (nails, loops, buttons, buttons), jewelry, seeds, food (vitamins, animal feed, spices) and much more. The package with the zip-lock 40х60 lock is strong enough, opens only outside, prevents spillage of contents and keeps a possibility of inspection of production at purchase due to a transparent texture.