Drinking bowl cover AR-70, (for 175 ml glasses.)

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Amount: 50
Diameter, mm: 70
Number of pieces / box: 2000
27.3 UAH

0.55 UAH for 1 item / 27.3 UAH for 50 items.

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Drinking bowl cover AR-70 (for 175 ml glasses) is a convenient attribute for glasses. It is made of non-toxic materials, therefore, when interacting with cold and hot drinks, it does not emit substances harmful to the body. This position is relevant for fast food places where practicality takes an important place. The use of a drinker lid allows you to solve such problems as the ingress of dirt and dust into the cup, in addition, this attribute allows you to maintain the integrity of the contents during transportation. The cover of the AR-70 drinking bowl (for 175 ml glasses) significantly slows down the cooling process of hot drinks and prevents them from getting on clothes.
Attention! Cup material (food grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above + 60 ° С