Plastic spoons

Disposable teaspoon transparent
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Disposable black spoon
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Disposable transparent spoon
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Disposable spoon
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Disposable teaspoon
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Disposable black teaspoon
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Plastic cutlery is becoming more and more in demand, as they are indispensable for spending time in nature, for picnics, and may be needed to complete fast food establishments with the necessary disposable tableware.

Plastic spoons are disposable cutlery, which are no less popular than forks, knives, sold in sets and separately.

Plastic spoons are practical, will not be damaged during transportation and use, environmentally friendly, as they are made of food grade plastic that is safe in contact with food.

The assortment of disposable plastic tableware of our online store includes spoons at low wholesale prices, which can be ordered with delivery throughout Ukraine.

All products from the manufacturer are of high quality in accordance with the established international safety standards for use.

The assortment also includes various types of packaging and disposable tableware made of food-grade plastic, cardboard and other types of materials.

Our managers will help you to form an order and will tell you in detail about the characteristics of the products you are interested in. We guarantee timely delivery of goods in full to any point in Ukraine. Call us!