Plastic jars Mini

Jar Sousnik 80 ml (Perint)
Volume, ml: 80
140.4 UAH / 80 item
In stock
Jar Sousnik 50 ml (Perint)
Volume, ml: 50
102.88 UAH / 80 item
In stock
Jar Sousnik 30 ml (Perint)
Volume, ml: 30
93.28 UAH / 80 item
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Jar Sousnik 10 (80 pcs / sleeve) 1M10 (Perint)
Volume, ml: 10
89.44 UAH / 80 item
In stock
Volume, ml: 50
229.6 UAH / 80 item
In stock

Mini plastic jars are in demand when packing sauces, test samples, for non-food products (often used in cosmetology), for packing slimes. A convenient hinged lid allows you to securely close the container, avoiding spillage of liquid products.

Mini plastic jars produced by JSC "Perint" are made from polypropylene, the most environmentally friendly material for the manufacture of plastic containers.

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