Plastic cubes (rectangular and plastic containers)

Jar cube 1000/124 / K 1.0 l. + Cover 124 transparent rectangular (Perint)
Volume, ml: 1000
9.07 UAH / 1 item
In stock
Jar cube 600/131 / K 0.6 l. + Cover 131 transparent square (Perint)
Volume, ml: 600
59.5 UAH / 10 item
In stock
Jar cube 280/91 / K 0.28 l. + Cover 91 rectangular trans. (Perint)
Volume, ml: 280
45.5 UAH / 10 item
In stock
Jar cube 400/91 / K 0.4 l. + Cover 91 rectangular Transparent (Perint)
Volume, ml: 440
47.7 UAH / 10 item
In stock
Jar flat 200/124 / K (Perint)
Volume, ml: 200
63.9 UAH / 10 item
In stock

Plastic cubes produced by JSC "Perint" of the rectangular shape of various sizes are made of polypropylene, the safest material for the manufacture of food containers. They are suitable for storing and transporting food, compact and convenient.

Thanks to the shape of these containers, they are the most compact. They are stacked on top of each other, and this saves a lot of space, for example, when freezing vegetables, herbs and other products.

You can buy plastic cubes "Perint" by placing an order on the website, or by calling the specified phone numbers. Our managers will provide detailed advice on all issues, including the terms of delivery and payment. Call us!