Jar cube 280/91 / K 0.28 l. + Cover 91 rectangular trans. (Perint)

In stock
Cover size, mm: 121*91
Height, mm: 42
Manufacturer: JSC Perint
Volume, ml: 280
45.5 UAH

4.55 UAH for 1 item / 45.5 UAH for 10 items.

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Jar cube 280/91 / K 0.28 l. + cover 91 transparent (Perint) is a convenient container made of non-toxic materials, which allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This item is used for preserves, honey, desserts, sauces, as well as cosmetics, chemicals, feed, fishing supplies and much more. Bank cube 280/91 / K 0.28 l. (Perint) has a removable tight-fitting flat cover 91 transparent, which is fixed with ribs and allows the container to be stacked, keeping it motionless. This position has tamper evident control.