• Cover PS-16
  • Cover PS-16

Cover PS-16

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Product Code: 100021
Dimensions, mm length * width * height: 143*104
Number of pieces / package: 50
60.3 UAH

1.21 UAH for 1 item / 60.3 UAH for 50 items.

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PS-16 lid for blister packaging PS-160 and PS-161. It is used for storing and transporting food products: salads, semi-finished products, cottage cheese, cheese products and others. The PS-16 flat lid tightly closes the container and is fixed on it with the help of ribs on the inside. It is used when it is necessary to store containers compactly, allows them to be stacked one on top of the other and prevents slipping.
Attention! The container material (food grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above + 60 ° С