PACKAGING FOR SUSHI PS-64DK + 64K 225 * 150 * 54 mm

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Product Code: 100184+100104
Dimensions, mm length * width * height: 225*150*54
Number of pieces / package: 50
Volume, ml: 1200
429 UAH

8.58 UAH for 1 item / 429 UAH for 50 items.

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Product description Packaging for sushi PS-64DK + 64K

Packaging for sushi PS-64DK + 64K is a convenient and practical container with a transparent removable lid, which is fixed with ribs. Packaging for sushi PS-64DK + 64K is made of non-toxic materials, designed for safe transportation and storage of food, preserves its integrity and appearance. Lightweight and durable, non-leaking containers are in demand in places where food delivery or takeaway is planned.
Attention! The container material (food grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above + 60 ° С