• Rectangular bucket 3.4 l
  • Rectangular bucket 3.4 l

Rectangular bucket 3.4 l

In stock
Dimensions, mm length * width * height: 272*166*113
Quantity in a box / package: d25/k100
Volume, l: 3,4
225.5 грн

22.55 грн for 1 item / 225.5 грн for 10 items.

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The rectangular bucket 3.4 l is a convenient container made of durable non-toxic materials, which allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This position is used for honey, dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.), fish and other food non-food products (chemicals, paints and varnishes, etc.). The complete set includes a removable cover that closes tightly with ribs. Rectangular bucket 3.4 l has tamper evident control.
Attention! The container material (food grade polypropylene) does not imply heating above + 120-130 ° С