Underlay TR - 128-yellow

In stock
Dimensions, mm length * width * height: 270*136*35
Number of pieces / package: 300
337.08 грн

1.12 грн for 1 item / 337.08 грн for 300 items.

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Backing TR-128-yellow is a convenient and practical container for transporting and storing food, made of environmentally friendly materials that are safe for the body. It is used for confectionery, semi-finished products, meat, vegetables, fruits and other food products. The backing TR-128-yellow made of expanded polystyrene does not leak, has edges around the entire perimeter, which prevent the contents from slipping. It is often used in combination with stretch film. Possesses fat-resistant and barrier properties. It can interact with both cold and hot food without emitting odor and harmful substances.
Attention! Guaranteed heating + 50 ° С. Safe heating + 70 ° С. Limiting temperature before deformation + 90 ° С