• Form for Easter "Silver domes"
  • Form for Easter "Silver domes"

Form for Easter "Silver domes"

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Form for Easter "Silver Domes" is a convenient and practical material for baking Easter cakes. The material used for production does not contain toxic substances, which allows the use of forms for food. This product has micro-perforation, which contributes to uniform baking. Using the "Silver Dome" Easter cake mold, the cooking process is greatly facilitated, the cakes quickly take the desired shape, and subsequently there is no need to clean the working utensils. Also, this shape can be used as packaging for the sale of products, and the beautiful bright colors will certainly attract the attention of buyers.


Dimensions (diameter, height):

70*85 (150-200g.)

90*85 (200-250g.)

110*85 (300-350g.)

130*85 (400-450g.)