Absorbent liner 115 * 60 mm, 12 ml

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Кількість шт / уп: 1000
Розміри, мм дл * шир: 115*60 мм, 12 мл
261000 грн

261,00 грн за 1 шт / 261000 грн за 1000 шт.

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Absorbent liner 115 * 60 mm, 12 ml is prepared from non-toxic materials, safe for the body. Most often it is used for poddings with spun polystyrene, which can be used for storage and transport of frozen and other products in food with increased moisture release. Intake of moisture-absorbing (moisture-absorbing) 8 ml is a handy and practical solution for ensuring the maintenance, preserving the cleanliness of the packaging and the most attractive products.