Dishwashing detergents

Dishwashing liquid PRO, STANDART, canister
Volume, ml: 5000
144.85 UAH / 1 item
In stock
Dishwashing liquid "Charivnytsya" Lemon
Volume, ml: 1000
19.42 UAH / 1 item
In stock
Means for washing dishes "Charivnytsya" Aloe
Volume, ml: 500
11.47 UAH / 1 item
In stock
Means for washing dishes "Charivnytsya" STRAWBERRIES
Volume, ml: 5000
119 UAH / 1 item
In stock

It is difficult to imagine washing dishes without detergent. Due to its popularity and frequent use, it is very important that the dishwashing detergent is not only as effective as possible, but also safe and economical. This section presents a wide range of dishwashing detergents, in different volumes. You can choose the most suitable detergent at wholesale prices from the manufacturer.

Also, in our online store there is a large selection of other detergents and cleaning products.

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