Window cleaners

Means for glass "Rozumnitsya"
Volume, ml: 5000
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Means for glass "Rozumnitsya" spare wheel, in assortment
Volume, ml: 500
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Trigger glass cleaner, PRO
Volume, ml: 500
36 UAH / 1 item
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When cleaning a house, one of the most difficult procedures is window cleaning. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that the smooth transparent surface of the glass reveals all the flaws of poor-quality cleaning. This is expressed in visible stains and streaks, the appearance of a cloudy film on the surface, as well as frozen traces of insects, greasy prints and other types of dirt. Starting from the above, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired cleanliness with improvised means. But the choice of a special means for washing must be carried out carefully.

When choosing a window cleaner, you should pay attention to:

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