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Eco tableware has been very popular for a long time, including cutlery. Recently, the issue of the safety of using packaging and utensils in their interaction with food has become especially acute.

For a long time, biological dishes have been more in demand than plastic ones during children's events, picnics, since they can be used for hot dishes and drinks without the fear of getting burned, or the harmful effects of plastic at high liquid temperatures.

BIO cutlery is more and more bought for picnics and outdoor events, for completing fast food establishments with disposable tableware. Steel and eco-leather made from biodegradable film based on corn starch or wood are no exception. The products comply with ISO: 14024 environmental certification.

We offer eco-leathers in the range of our products at the lowest prices from the manufacturer. We guarantee the quality of our goods and their prompt delivery throughout Ukraine.

The assortment also includes various types of packaging and disposable tableware from the manufacturer.

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