Eco glasses

Glass Bio 200
Volume, ml: 200
586.4 UAH / 400 item
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Glass Bio 250
Volume, ml: 250
656 UAH / 400 item
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Glass Bio 170
Volume, ml: 170
576 UAH / 400 item
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Cups are the most common type of disposable tableware, as they are used in coffee shops, catering establishments, while spending time with friends in nature, at all kinds of events, conferences.

Glasses made of biopolymer film are not only easy to use, as they can withstand high temperatures (up to 100 ° C), but are also completely safe in contact with hot liquid, unlike plastic cups.

Biopolymer film is made on the basis of corn starch and today is one of the most common materials for the production of eco-tableware.

BIO cups can be safely used at children's events (matinees, during birthday celebrations). They will not break, not wrinkle and can be easily disposed of later.

You can buy biodegradable glasses in our online store at low wholesale prices with delivery across Ukraine. All products comply with ISO: 14024 environmental certification.

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