In our online store eco-packaging is presented:

Alveoli for fruits and vegetables;
Pots for seedlings;
The lodgement is salad;
Trays for vegetables and fruits, greens, mushrooms and berries.
All presented products are made of ecological materials, safe for the person and environment according to the European standards of quality and safety of application.

In the range of packaging of our online store you can also order cutlery, paper and plastic plates, salad bowls, tureens, sets of disposable tableware, as well as polystyrene products.

All products are presented at the lowest prices from the manufacturer. We guarantee high quality of goods, their timely delivery across all territory of Ukraine.

Our managers will help you decide on the choice, place an order, talk about the characteristics of the goods. You can also buy food packaging from different types of material at wholesale prices. Call!