Kitchen sponge Maxi
7.61 UAH / 1 item
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Profiled kitchen sponge, РRO
24.76 UAH / 1 item
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Viscose napkins, 30x38 cm
25.42 UAH / 10 item
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Cellulose napkins 16x16 cm PRO
61.25 UAH / 10 item
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Sponges and napkins are indispensable attributes of housework, office cleaning and other visits. Cleaning companies and housewives who care about the cleanliness of their home cannot do without them. Sponges and napkins are used for washing dishes, as well as cleaning work surfaces, sinks, toilets and bathtubs, glass. But it should be remembered that for a carded type of surface, an appropriate sponge or napkin is required for better and more economical cleaning.

Therefore, we provide a wide selection of sponges and wipes for different types of surfaces.

All products are certified.

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