Scotch tape 48 * 74meters
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Scotch tape 48 * 117 meters
33.35 UAH / 1 item
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Scotch tape 48 * 272 meters
83.38 UAH / 1 item
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Scotch tape is one of the most used methods of packaging boxes and other things. It is widely used both in the office and in industries, in construction. It is made of polymeric materials and supplied in compact rolls. Today, packing tape has several types, differing in the width of the tape, the thickness of the adhesive layer. All this provides an opportunity to choose an adhesive tape according to your criteria.

Scotch tape is necessary when fixing the package, it is a reliable way to compactly fix various types of goods.

Our online store offers several options for tape sizes, lengths 100m, 200m and 500m.

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