The production of disposable tableware and paper packaging on modern equipment is the key to the company's success and growth

For the production of our products, we use modern time-tested equipment from European manufacturers. Our machines and conveyor lines are powerful and capable of delivering the quantity of goods that our customers need.

The entire range of products is also produced at the warehouse, which means that it is always in stock. We have guaranteed stocks of the entire assortment, which allows us to send products on the day of ordering.

Our equipment complies with the European HACCP food safety standards (from the English Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). All products are constantly undergoing quality control, which means they are safe, high-quality and affordable for everyone.

White paper cups

We produce paper cups from white cardboard using special equipment from blanks that are cut on a separate machine. The paper cups are waterproof, durable and heat-resistant so that you can comfortably drink hot drinks and do not burn your fingers or spill them on your clothes.

Glass with logo

If you want to buy cups with your logo or create your own design of a cup for coffee or tea, then we can implement any of your ideas. Themed pictures on the eve of the holidays, romantic plots, bright, stylish, juicy illustrations will be transferred to your products in full-color format with high-precision printing.

Craft cups

A new trend in the coffee business is craft cups, which have high strength, absolute moisture resistance and stylish color scheme. Any size, any quantity, take them for almost nothing!

Corrugated glass

Super cups made of corrugated cardboard, which have increased rigidity, practically do not burn your fingers, even if you hold a glass of boiling water for a long time. Very practical and convenient for coffee, tea, mulled wine and other hot drinks.

Corrugated glass, colored

Do you want to stand out from the gray mass? Drink coffee or tea from brightly colored corrugated cups. Naturally, they are durable, moisture resistant and do not change their shape when held in hand. It is a pleasure to look at them and drink your favorite drink.

Drinking bowl cover

If you need to take coffee with you in the car or take a walk in the park, sipping aromatic tea with a slice of lemon, then do not forget to buy a drinker lid. Thanks to it, your drink will be hot for a long time, will not spill into the car and will not spill when walking. With the lid of the drinking bowl, you can comfortably drink not only tea, but also coffee or other drink.

Thermo-belt with a clasp and a cup holder for two cups

Have you bought some coffee for yourself? Buy it for your boyfriend or girlfriend! How to get it across? Very simple! For this, there are cup holders for two cups. We bought, delivered, brought, received gratitude and love. Go far? Don't forget the thermal belt with the clasp. This is the only way to successfully deliver aromatic and hot coffee to your loved ones.

Pizza box, fries packaging, plate

You won't be full of coffee or tea, you need to have a good meal at lunchtime. For pizzerias, fast foods, cafes, bistros, we have developed unique boxes for your food. The pizza box is durable, stylish and sustainable. For fries - its own packaging, which is presented in two colors in white and brown. Suggest to your customers to take craft plates for snacks or snacks. They will be grateful for your concern!

We are №1 manufacturers of disposable tableware, plastic and paper packaging for food in Ukraine

In this article, we will try to talk a little about the technological processes of the production of disposable tableware and paper packaging.

Our employees are the main value and asset of the company

The main thing in production is the people who work on the conveyor production lines. After all, both the quality and safety of products depend on them. In our company, we do everything to make our employees happy to come to work, namely:

  • create excellent working conditions,
  • form a convenient work schedule,
  • provide comfortable workplaces,
  • pay a decent salary.

Therefore, working in production with us is not only comfortable, but also profitable.

We appreciate and are proud of each of our employees and thanks to the well-coordinated and effective work of our entire team, our company is developing and is a leader in its segment.

What raw materials do we manufacture products from?

In production we use the following types of raw materials:

  1. High-quality white moisture-resistant cardboard made from virgin fibers, the composition of which is only wood pulp and cellulose.
  2. Kraft paperboard made from virgin fibers. Increased strength cellulose (kraft) allows you to make products durable and moisture resistant. Such cardboard is mainly brown in color.
  3. Packaging board with a multilayer structure of bleached and unbleached cellulose and wood pulp. This cardboard is stiff and strong.

We do not use secondary raw materials, as our packaging comes into contact with food. We are confident in the high quality of the raw materials that we use for production.

We make disposable tableware and packaging and we do it well!

We are manufacturers on the Ukrainian market №1:

  • disposable paper tableware;
  • craft utensils;
  • plastic reusable tableware;
  • plastic disposable tableware;
  • napkins and goods for the Cabaret;
  • paper cups and cups;
  • corrugated cups;
  • cardboard cup holders and related products;
  • lids for paper cups;

Our products are presented in the following categories:

  • plastic packaging (packaging for confectionery, sushi, eggs and others);
  • aluminum packaging (aluminum containers);
  • paper packaging (packaging for pizza, noodles, burgers, fries and others);
  • expanded polystyrene products (substrates, lunch boxes, soup containers);

As well as:

  • food containers;
  • paper bags;
  • cling film;
  • foil;

We love our work, we value our customers, we care about our employees.

To buy our products, call us now to place an order. Our managers will form an order and send it through national carriers throughout Ukraine.