Today, disposable tableware is used in almost all catering establishments, especially fast food outlets, fast foods, coffee houses, pizzerias. Also, without disposable tableware, it is impossible to imagine a single picnic, outdoor recreation, those places where you want to have a good time without unnecessary worries.

Disposable tableware from the manufacturer is a convenient and comfortable solution for you, an opportunity to avoid broken plates, as well as complete hygiene, which is difficult to achieve when using ordinary ceramic and glass dishes, especially in nature.

Our company offers in the assortment all the necessary elements of disposable tableware individually, as well as in sets - for a complete set of everything you need for your establishment, during various events, picnics.

The assortment also includes dishes for various events (holidays, buffets, picnics), special dishes for various fields of activity (for bars, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, canteens, for catering, food delivery) - this will help to comprehensively approach the choice of disposable tableware for Your type of establishment or food delivery organization.

We guarantee timely delivery of goods throughout Ukraine within a strictly agreed time frame. All products comply with European quality and safety standards.