Plastic packaging is already a trivial hour to spend on transportation and collection of food products. Vona is absolutely safe in case of contact with her, she can use some ecological materials, such as grain polystyrene (blister), polypropylene. Plastic packaging is universal, so it can be stored for the collection, relocation of goods, as well as for freezing.

The great variety of sizes and forms of containers allows you to use containers for any type of product: ridin (pet dances, vidra), confectionery virobes, salads and food products, for packing berries, vegetables and fruits. Plastic mishmash is light and good, the stench has practically replaced the glass and ceramic jars.

Replace plastic packaging for food products from virobnik, you can go to our online store for wholesale prices. Our company guarantees the quality of all products, which can be supplied according to the European standards without any problems.