Trays for seedlings

Pallet PS-801
11.67 UAH / 1 item
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Bottom of PS-802 (d45 40 cells)
22.17 UAH / 1 item
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Cover PS-803
12.6 UAH / 1 item
Not available

Trays with a pallet for planting seedlings of vegetables, fruits and flowers help to grow seedlings in greenhouses or at home. The cassette method of growing seedlings in greenhouses is very popular today.

The set for the seedling cassette has a pallet, you can also order a cover additionally. A drainage hole is made at the bottom of the cells, filled with light soil, impregnated with a balanced nutrient solution.

You can buy, order seedling cassettes at low wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer. To do this, fill out an application on the website, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible to clarify all the details. All products are certified in accordance with the safety standards for use.

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