• Blister packing PS-132
  • Blister packing PS-132

Blister packing PS-132

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Product Code: 100017
Dimensions, mm length * width * height: 209*112*42
Number of pieces / package: 100
Volume, ml: 700
372 UAH

3.72 UAH for 1 item / 372 UAH for 100 items.

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PS-132 packaging is a convenient and practical container made of non-toxic materials for storing food. PS-132 is used for prepackaged confectionery products without packaging, prepared for use. This product has a non-removable opening high lid that is tightly closed with special locks.
Attention! The container material (food grade polystyrene) does not imply heating above + 60 ° С

  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 209*112*42
  • Volume, ml: 700